Ensuring the long-term sustainability of the Atlantic sea scallop fishery

Our Participants Include the Vast Majority of Full-Time Atlantic Scallop Fishermen from Maine to North Carolina.

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The Atlantic sea scallop fishery is the most valuable federally-managed fishery in the United States.

The Atlantic sea scallop fishery is the most valuable federally-managed fishery in the United States, worth $570 million in ex vessel value and $746 million in total processed value in 2019. The fleet is primarily based in New Bedford, MA, thereby making the port of New Bedford the most valuable fishing port in the United States.

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Fisheries Survival Fund: Change Wind Energy Areas to Protect Scallops

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June 11, 2021 – The following was released by the Fisheries Survival Fund: The Fisheries Survival Fund (FSF), representing the vast majority of the limited access Atlantic scallop fishery, is…

Bloomberg: Why It’s So Hard to Build Offshore Wind Power in the U.S.

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By: Jennifer A Dlouhy For years, the mighty wind blowing off the Massachusetts coast has beckoned developers with visions of clean, emission-free electricity. The latest…

FSF Files Notice in Equinor Wind Case

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The attached document was filed by attorneys for the Fisheries Survival Fund as part of their ongoing lawsuit against the Interior Department and Equinor Wind…

Fisheries Survival Fund Supports Department of Interior Commitment to Scientific Review of Wind Farm Projects

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August 15, 2019 - The following was released by the Fisheries Survival Fund: The Fisheries Survival Fund (FSF) supports recent efforts by the Department of the Interior to…
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Winds of Change

Two fishermen traveled to the United Kingdom to learn how fisheries have adapted to wind farms. The Farms have impacted ecosystems and changed their way of life. Leases have already been awarded for wind farms off the East Coast of the United States. The economic impact on coastal communities could amount to billions of dollars.